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Welcome to Stranded Bead.

I am the designer of the jewelry you see on this site. I live outside Washington, DC with my husband Kevin and my three cats (Ripley, Uncas, and Vuelta).

I came to beading with the simple idea that I would like to be able to channel my creativity into something that would bring pleasure and joy to those who wear my necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. I believe it is really important to have creative outlets in one's life - at work, at home -- wherever. Wherever you can find, embrace, and challenge yourself. Creativity is really about learning - learning how to put things together that captures excitement, beauty, passion, tenderness, elegance.

I started making jewelry with the idea that I could create something and then give it to friends and family for birthdays, special occasions, holidays, and friendship.

Since that first thought, I have completely fallen in love with making and designing beaded jewelry. I gain inspirations for future designs from the environment that I experience daily, which could be the design or colors of a woman's skirt that I see on my way to work on the Metro, or when my husband and I are out cycling around the backroads of Maryland or Virginia. Colors, designs, textures, symbols, signs, weather, foods, moods, shapes are everywhere - capturing them in jewelry is a challenge that I embrace and love.

I work with natural, semi-precious stones and beads. I have always been drawn to the rich, earthy colors, textures, and designs of natural stones and gemstones like turquoise, jaspers, malachite, and aventurines. Complementing my attraction to natural beads are beads from the water. Pearls (fresh water, mother of pearl), and coral are wonderful materials that add elegance and touch to unique creations. Other natural beads include bone, horn, and fossil beads. I also use Swarovski Crystals, glass, dichroic glass, lampwork, ceramic beads and pendants, and silver, gold, vermeil, and pewter findings. We live in a world that is rich with possibilities. In a small way, I hope my jewelry provides access to the riches of the world we live in.

I love to make jewelry and would love to design something for you that captures the mood, the texture, the colors that you enjoy - take a look at the gallery of designs or contact me and we can create something together.

Laura Gordon-Murnane



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